Reboot Lives! is a new charity with a simple mission:

To help the disadvantaged get online, create resumes,
apply for jobs, and reboot their lives.


Sounds easy, right?  It’s actually not.  Many folks in our target demographic are homeless, have no access to computers or the Internet, don’t have an email address, or don’t have any idea how to establish an online identity and apply for jobs – jobs which they need to re-establish independence.

So where does Reboot Lives! come in?  We accept donations of older laptops, then we refurbish them to become usable computers again.  We take those computers (with a wireless router and printer) to homeless shelters or domestic violence shelters for a “Career Day,” in which we train these deserving folks to set up an email account, create a resume which will be saved on this website for later use, and apply for work on various job boards.

By the end of the day, the goal is for everyone to have an email address, a printed resume, and at least one job application.  Then we cart the equipment back and return periodically to help more people.

Where are we in this process?  At the beginning – we have to make sure the model works before going to the trouble of establishing a legal non-profit corporation and formally asking for donations from companies.  But for right now, YOU can help!  We need to get some things done in order to move into a Pilot Phase, in which we partner with a Nashville-based organization to hold our first Career Day:

  • Set up the few computers we have received in donations so far,
  • Create tutorial content and videos,
  • Create a Resume Builder on this website (with persistent user accounts),
  • Partner with a non-profit organization catering to the disadvantaged, and
  • Legal / accounting help to establish the 501(c)3 after the model is finalized.

Want to donate or help with any of the above?  Email RebootLives (at) GMail and let’s get started!